Reuniting with my Mentor

September 18, 2018


According to Management Mentors (

  • 80% of CEOs polled have stated they have a mentor.

  • Access to mentors has given them insider knowledge and access to power.

  • Mentoring has assisted them in having careers that are fast tracked and forward moving, which they claim would have been much harder or impossible otherwise.

Whether it’s for your personal life or career, everyone can benefit from a great mentor. They can provide extra motivation, support, or help to view things from a different perspective.


A good mentor can help provide advice and knowledge that will guide you through your desired career path. The knowledge that I have gained from working with my mentor has been invaluable. She is able to share her career related knowledge and expertise because she has been through similar situations. Another excellent benefit to having a mentor is that they can provide resources and a network of professionals. Eventually, your relationship and work with your mentor may open doors to advancement more quickly than working alone or without a mentor.


Choosing an excellent mentor and developing a good relationship with them is extremely important. Ideally, they should share the same career values as you.   Although it may be challenging to find one, it is definitely worth it. Potential mentors are all around, once you start looking for them. Many companies provide formal mentorship programs that connect entry level associates with senior management who are willing to guide you. Studies have shown that companies that have mentorship programs have a higher rate of employee retention than companies without the programs. 


I can truly state that working with my mentor has had a great impact on my career. I was lucky enough to find my mentor in a former supervisor, who was very knowledgeable in her field and helped guide me through my career. Eventually, I left that company to pursue a better opportunity, but I stayed in contact with my her. Her wealth of knowledge in the field, combined with the relationship that we created, is an invaluable asset that I intend to maintain. Recently, she joined Credere Group and I look forward to working closely with her again!



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November 29, 2018

September 18, 2018

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