Why Partner with a Recruiter?

August 20, 2018

Seeking a new job should be an exciting time in your professional life filled with new opportunities and fresh beginnings.  However, this process can be stressful and navigating the maze of job postings, interviewing, and subsequent follow-up can be unnerving.   You’ve most certainly read about the importance of relationships during your job search.  It’s all in who you know, right? Internet social networking sites can be a great tool to leverage your network of contacts or perhaps your neighbor may have a few job leads. Those methods may pay-off, but have you considered partnering with a recruiter who interacts regularly, and has existing relationships, with hiring managers in your area of specialty?  You may be missing the boat if you haven’t.


Partnering with an influential recruiter can be critical to the success of your job search.  You may be asking yourself, what can a recruiter do for me?  First, they can give you insights into the current job market.  Recruiters interact with multiple companies daily and can identify trends regarding skill-sets in-demand, market rate compensation, and organizations hiring. You can utilize this important information to tweak your resume, make sure your compensation expectations are realistic, and help target companies that have growth opportunities. 


Here’s another secret.  Hiring managers often utilize the same recruiters repeatedly after they consistently deliver sought after talent. By partnering with a seasoned recruiter your resume will often find its way to the top of the stack among the hundreds of applicants for any given opportunity. Your recruiter can also assist with your resume and offer content advice to help ensure your experience is applicable to the position to which you are applying is clearly represented.


Furthermore, a good recruiter will help you negotiate the best compensation package.  They are knowledgeable on the range of compensation a hiring manager is willing to offer and can partner with you to position your compensation expectations competitively in relation to others vying for the job.  This knowledge will help you get what your worth but not price yourself out of the market. You’re probably realizing if you haven’t partnered with a recruiter before it’s worth investigating; see who specializes in your industry and reach out to them to see what doors they can open for you. Who knows, they may help you land your dream job!


At Credere Group, we partner with successful professionals seeking new opportunities in a variety of industries and fields.  Reach out to one of our professional recruiters to find out what opportunities are waiting just around the corner for you. 


Kim Berlioz

David Bertany

Lan Ho


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