Want a better resume? Check out these seven helpful tips.

June 20, 2018


  1. Make sure that you have a clear and concise format that includes your full name, telephone number, email address and link to your LinkedIn profile.

  2. Your resume should be tailored to the position of which you are applying. This would include highlighting any significant accomplishments and areas of expertise.

  3. It's OK to have a shell of your resume done but keep in mind that your resume is a living breathing document that will need to be adjusted to really grab the reader’s attention. This is accomplished by peppering in what your audience is looking to hire.

  4. Your resume is your marketing collateral; therefore, it should be thoroughly proofread for any grammatical or formatting mistakes.

  5. It's essential that you select the correct format. We work in a text message world, keep your resume to two pages or less. In addition, resumes should be very aesthetically pleasing and easy to digest.

  6. Often, it's easy to think that you could have a one size fits all resume, but I would caution you as this method does not yield the best quality results. Investing the time to make adjustments to highlight relevant skills will make a big difference in your results.

  7. Always be factual about your experience, credentials and education. Don't take the liberty of getting too creative in this area as it could be interpreted as dishonesty.

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