What Is It Really Like to Be a Consultant for Credere Group

May 1, 2018

Credere Group is a dynamic business partner, providing progressive consulting and talent optimization solutions to our clients. We believe in our consultants and know that they are key to not only our success but our client’s success. Our relationship with our consultants is an important partnership that we do not take lightly.  Credere Group takes pride in treating our consultants as people, not transactions.


So, what’s it really like to be a Consultant for Credere Group? Read below to find out what Jeannie W., one of our current consultants, says about her experience working with Credere Group.


What is your current role and responsibilities?

As a Senior Fixed Asset Consultant for Credere Group, I am engaged with a Fortune 200 organization going through a merger. As a consultant, I play a key role in the Fixed Asset Department with the preparation of the month-end close process. In addition, I update newly acquired assets within the fixed assets system, process depreciation calculations and journal entry preparations. I conduct research and analysis and provide management with preparing project adjustments/corrections and determining asset classifications.


What is the best part of your position?

The best part of my position is being engaged with a growing organization. This consulting engagement is challenging because I am working with the complexities of merging two entities together. Going into a post-acquisition environment allows me to add value to a dynamic accounting team. I also enjoy streamlining and preparing the monthly reconciliations.  This engagement has provided me with the opportunity to gain exposure to large ERP systems.


What was the hiring process like with Credere Group?

The hiring process with Credere Group was great and extremely thorough. I not only met with an Executive Recruiter, I was also technically screened by a Director/industry SME who was very instrumental in preparing me to secure my engagements with their clients.  I was provided detailed information about each engagement and the clients to help me prepare for my interview.   They are very engaged before and after the hiring process ensuring that it is a mutual fit for me and the client. 


Do you have any advice for consultants that would like to work with Credere Group?

The Credere Group team really cares about what’s important for their consultants.  Professionalism is the key.  My recommendation is to create an in-depth list of your skills and expertise, this will give them the advantage to hire you on an engagement you will enjoy and thrive in.  Be honest - if you don’t feel comfortable working a particular engagement - let them know.  It must be mutually beneficial for both parties.  Credere Group truly cares about what’s best for you.


Would you recommend working for Credere Group?

Absolutely!  Credere Group has been successful in re-deploying me to multiple engagements.  They have given me the opportunity to be exposed to large organizations and gain knowledge in other areas of accounting and finance, as well as, additional large ERP systems. Credere Group truly cares about their consultants and this is evident in their actions and results.


What is the biggest difference between Credere Group and other Consulting firms that you have worked for?

The biggest difference between Credere Group and other consulting firms is that Credere Group genuinely cares about you from the beginning to the end.  The Credere Group Leadership team spends time and visits with you frequently.  They schedule regular meetings to discuss your current engagement ensuring you are enjoying and being successful on your project.  Other firms simply find you a job, throw you into the lion’s den and let you fend for yourself.


Do you have any additional comments or information that you would like to share?

Credere Group invests in their consultants and takes the time to ensure you have proper exposure within the firm and with their clients which gives you the opportunity to develop and flourish in your career.  As a Consultant, you are truly integrated into the Credere Group team and given the avenue to interact with consulting SMEs from various industries allowing you to learn and grow from 'the best of the best' in a relatively short period of time. I can say, my long-term future with Credere Group is very exciting and am proud that I see myself growing as a professional each day to be an even better asset to the firm and myself. 


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