Digital Age and the Job Hunt

April 11, 2018

So, you think it’s time to look for another job. For many the thought of looking for a new position can be overwhelming. It is key that you invest your time to ensure that you get the highest ROI on the man-hours you put in to your search.


  1. Update your resume to reflect your last decade of accomplishments and experience. Keep in mind that we live in a text message world, it is essential that you are brief and use descriptive words to carry a powerful impact without being too wordy. Always remember to keep your current contact information on your resume i.e. full name, phone number, physical address and email address.

  2. Review your online presence, is your LinkedIn profile up-to-date? If not, take the time to update your profile to reflect your current resume. Ensure that you have a professional photo of yourself in business attire posted as your profile picture.  Also, keep in mind many companies may even research you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc. so it is critical that your online presence reflects what you know your future employer is looking to hire.

  3. Ensure you have your home office organized and decorated appropriately for digital interviews via video conferencing. This mean designating an area in your home where you have an appropriate backdrop to conduct video and/or skype interviews. Also, have designated clothing i.e. conservative business suit that you can easily slip on to help make your digital interview a success.   For more on this check out our previous article regarding digital interviews here.

  4. Utilize technology to prepare for your interview. Research the company’s website, annual reports, press releases, and your external network to really learn about the organization.

  5. It is important that after every interview you take the time to write a thank you email. I would encourage you to send it via email as it is immediate versus mail as it may take up to a week to be received. We have a template here for your convenience.


Let’s face it, looking for a job isn’t the most fun thing you have ever done but to secure the right position, for you and your family, could lead to a lifetime of enjoyment and growth.  

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