How to Make Yourself Shine in Your Resume

January 9, 2018

 Happy New Year! 


This is the time of year many people reflect on their current employment and look to expand their professional horizons by seeking new opportunities. I’m often asked by individuals seeking new opportunities why they receive no responses despite applying to many jobs for which they feel they are uniquely qualified. There could be multiple reasons for this, from applying too late and the position has been filled, to the position was placed on hold. More often than not, the lack of response may be due to the information contained on the resume. It’s critically important to customize your resume for the position to which you are applying. You may ask yourself, how can I do that, your experience is your experience, isn’t it? It’s very difficult for a few pages of information on your resume to entirely encapsulate a lifetime of career accomplishments; however, let’s discuss how to put your best foot forward ensuring your best shot at being considered for your dream job.


The first step in customizing your resume is to thoroughly read the job description. Get very granular, go line-by-line on the description then review your resume to confirm your experience and what they are seeking matches, ensuring it is clearly reflected in your resume.  Do this for each bullet listed on the job description as you want to make it glaringly clear you have the experience they are seeking.


Also, don’t overlook your executive summary, make sure your relevant industry experience and goals are clearly defined and in alignment with what the employer is seeking.  Your resume should stand out as much as possible from the hundreds of other resumes submitted for the same position.


By taking these few steps, your experience will shine, and you’ll have a much better chance of being selected for an interview.


At Credere Group, we partner with successful professionals seeking new opportunities. Reach out to one of our Executive Recruiters, or e-mail us at, to find out what opportunities are waiting just around the corner for you. 


Happy New Year and Happy Hunting!

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