What is it like to be a consultant for Credere Group?

July 19, 2017

Credere Group is a dynamic business partner that specializes in providing consulting and talent optimization solutions to our clients. We believe in our consultants, and we know that they are key to not only our success, but our client’s success as well. It’s an important partnership that we do not take lightly.  Credere Group takes pride in treating our consultants as people, not transactions.


So, what’s it really like to be a Consultant for Credere Group? Read below to find out what Kristi R., one of our current senior consultants, had to say about her experience working with Credere Group.


What is your current role and what are your responsibilities?

I am currently working as a Senior Transformation Consultant within Finance and Accounting for a large, global organization. I am partnering with the client’s IT department to work to resolve issues and mitigate risks for a large process automation project. I evaluate and make recommendations on how to manage the project to ensure workflow is maximized through their system, and to ensure efficiencies are gained and project milestones are met throughout the Accounting and Systems areas. This engagement has many complexities due to it’s the various areas of impact within a large, fast-paced, global shared services environment.


What is the best part of your position?

I enjoy partnering with senior level professionals and directors, and working cross-functionally within a global organization.  I also really enjoy being able to conduct in-depth research and liaise with the IT team to resolve accounting and finance system issues. I work directly with IT to resolve fallout issues that occur when information is moving from one system to another and to determine why accounting and finance information is not flowing correctly into the ERP system. I enjoy working on the ERP implementations, updates and conversions, seeing how a system is working, and creating processes that have a direct impact on the firm’s bottom line.


How was the interview process with Credere Group?

Working with Credere Group has been wonderful. They really guided me through the interview process. They prepared me for my interview, and provided me with detailed information about the engagement and about the client. They were prompt and provided me feedback, both positive and negative, that not only assisted me in securing this engagement, but will be helpful for my career moving forward. The recruiters and partners are wonderful people, who truly understand the needs of their clients, and the details of every project and engagement.


Do you have any advice for consultants that would like to work with Credere Group?

Be honest with your recruiter regarding your skillset. They are knowledgeable about the market and about the projects they are working on. Trust their experience and know that they will place you in on a project that will play to your strengths, and will meet both your goals and the client’s goals. Be confident in yourself and have a great attitude. This will be the beginning of an ongoing consulting relationship with a reputable firm.


What was the most surprising thing about working with Credere Group?

They truly are a consulting firm – not a staffing or temp agency. They take the time to actually get to know you as a person, and learn about your skills and strengths. They quickly respond to any questions or concerns that you have to ensure that you are comfortable. Directors from Credere Group are truly entrenched in the process and are hands-on to provide oversight and direction. I noticed that they particularly excel at partnering with the client’s executives to ensure milestone and goals are exceeded for each project. It feels great to know that I am working for a firm that truly puts both its clients’ and consultants’ best interests at heart. It is a wonderful benefit and shows me that I have a direct line into the company.


Would you recommend working for Credere Group? Why?

Absolutely! The Recruiters and Directors I have worked with at Credere Group are very knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way. I truly enjoyed working with them through the process and am proud to be a Consultant for Credere Group.


What is the biggest difference between Credere Group and other Consulting firms that you have worked for?

The biggest difference, or biggest perk, is that they actually care about you as a person and want you to be comfortable. You are not just a number, you are a consultant and part of the team. They check on you regularly and take the time to sit down and talk to you about how things are going on your engagement. They answer your questions and resolve any issues that you have. They value your opinion and your feedback.


Do you have any additional comments or information that you would like to share?

Credere Group is the best company that I have worked for in a long time. I feel comfortable talking with the recruiters and directors, and truly feel that I am contributing to a challenging engagement, which I find incredibly rewarding professionally. I am grateful to be a part of the team, and I hope to continue my consulting career with Credere Group.


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