Tips to Ace Your Next Digital Interview

June 15, 2017



Oh no, why did they mention they wanted to do a video interview? Why that? Did you ever stop to think that your interviewer may want to see you in your environment, how you handle pressure or your ability to respond to last minute requests? Here is a sure-fire list to get you better prepared to knock your next digital interview out of the park! 


1. Make sure you have a Skype account set up with a professional username. In this case, it's fine to be boring and use your first and last name. Anything too unique could be construed as unprofessional.


2. Since you are actively looking for employment you may want to have a place carved out in your home that is professional with a setting that is very neat in appearance and background. The backdrop of your video interview should be very neutral and if there are photos in the background they should be pleasing to the eye as opposed to a distraction. Once you have achieved the appropriate environment you may want to record one or two mock interviews to practice and ensure that the environment is aesthetically pleasing. i.e. your artwork/pictures are straight vs. crooked behind you on the wall. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to also practice eye contact with the video camera which does not always come naturally to all people. Sometimes doing this repetitively will make it a little easier for live video interviews.


3. Always have your wardrobe available to slip into on the fly! My recommendation is to always have a business suit/blazer (navy, black or gray), a conservative white shirt or blouse, and for men, a conservative tie. It's always important to have your hair well groomed, wear conservative jewelry and for woman, to wear modest makeup. 


4. If interviewing is relatively new to you, take the extra effort to be overly prepared. What do I mean by overly prepared? Perhaps you may want to do your research ahead of time, make a list of your strengths and weaknesses, think about the essential wording that you will need to use in your interview, and create some practice questions. This may help you work out any kinks you could run into along the way. 


Digital/video interviews provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your talents and abilities from your own platform. It's essential that you smile and use the comfort of your own home to your advantage.   Making sure you are overly prepared will be key in making this a successful interview.


Last but not least, print out a copy of your resume and have it handy. Always take a deep breath and smile. You've got this - the job is in the bag!

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